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Drone pilots can attest that each time these incredible machines take flight, their spectators are left with the thought, "I would love to learn to do that." The reality is that with the proper training and dedication anyone can learn to be an FAA Certified Drone Pilot. Contact us today to learn more about pilot training and certification.
Classes are 1 hour in length unless otherwise specified. Our office is located in Lewistown, Montana However, our pilots are always happy to accommodate training sessions within 100 miles of our office. 
If you're interested in group training or private instruction beyond 100 miles, we use the IRS rate of 53.5 cents per mile. 
Vigilante Drones will always do our very best to create a custom training program to accommodate you or your organization's specific needs.
As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction,
we ensure you get
the right rate for your exact need.
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